A Run to Remember – IDIA NUJS at the Amity Kolkata Half Marathon


February 3, 2013
3rd February, 2013, 6:15 AM. It was a chilly Sunday morning in Kolkata, and the usually quiet and sleepy NUJS campus was abuzz with the energy of excited students eager to leave for Red Road. The occasion- the AMITY Kolkata Half-Marathon, which was a great platform for us to promote the noble cause of IDIA.

The idea that was born in one of our meetings held in December was met with an encouraging response from the student body at NUJS. About 90 students registered, of which 65 were part of the Dream Run (4 km) and 25 were running the entire distance of 21 kms. Dressed in white IDIA T-shirts which had the logo and aim of IDIA printed in bold red, we enthusiastically boarded the bus that was arranged especially for us. On reaching the registration desk at 6:50 AM, we collected our goody bags and waited for the race to start. The Kolkata weather for once, was perfect for running! It seemed as if even the weather Gods were assisting us in our cause.

The moment the race started, we started running as a team. The huge group of students running in unison attracted the attention of many, and that helped greatly in spreading the IDIA message among curious co-participants, pedestrians and by-standers. They were really impressed when they came to know about the work that we do as part of the IDIA student movement.

However, our greatest success was the extensive media coverage that was given to us by 24 Ghanta, one of the most prominent Bengali news channels. The channel has a huge audience not only in Bengal, but also in Bengali households all over the world, so it was a highlight for IDIA to be featured there. They were kind enough to telecast our run throughout the day, and featured our participation as one of the highlights of the marathon. They even explained on television the work that is done by IDIA keeping “Empowerment of the Underprivileged through Legal Education” as its ultimate goal.

Although all of us are not professional athletes, the youthful spirit that is intrinsically associated with the IDIA student movement helped about 7 of us complete the marathon in good time. The exhilaration that we felt when we saw the finishing line was incomparable, but what was more important was that we could spread the IDIA message far and wide with our participation in the marathon.

Rahul Bose - Chief Guest

After the marathon, we gathered in front of the main stage where Chief Guest Rahul Bose shared his experience at the Kolkata half-marathon. Meeting one of the finest actors India has today was definitely a high point of the already great day!

Marathon Team

As they say, pictures say a thousand words. If pictures are anything to go by, it is evident that we all had an amazing time; it was a really memorable experience for all of us. At the end of the day, it didn’t matter who won and who didn’t; it didn’t matter that our legs ached or that we were exhausted. It was time we made this opportunity count and we did! The thrill, happiness and satisfaction of having gone some distance in helping someone somewhere in need was indeed unparalleled.

Our fantastic experience at the marathon has encouraged us to such an extent that we plan to come up with more such innovative ideas and venture into even more unconventional avenues in future, so that the message of the IDIA student movement is spread far and wide!

Picture Credits – Avinandan Kundu

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