IDIA calls for Dramatic Entries! Romanticise the Law!


screenwriterWho amongst us has not savoured reel-life court room dramas, be it the passionate advocacy of Denzel Washington in Philadelphia, or the immortal deliberations of the jury in 12 Angry Men, or even the histrionics of a young Sunny Deol in Damini, shouting “Tareekh pe tareekh”? True to the adage of a picture being worth a thousand words, these scenes have, for better or worse, left indelible impressions upon our minds.

We at IDIA believe that if we are to succeed in our goal of conveying the overarching benefits of a legal education to the masses, we need to “romanticise” the law a bit more. And what better way to do this than through drama and the creative arts?

Given the common lack of awareness and negative perception around law, this is one of the greatest challenges faced by the IDIA movement.

We therefore call upon all of you to get your creative juices flowing and come up with a skit, musical, moot court, dance or other feature that will help romanticize the law for a lay audience and draw them towards it and its massive potential to transform.

Any group of students can submit entries for this competition. The entries should be in the form of a script or other write up documenting your broad theme and how you propose to execute it (a short video of what you plan might also help communicate your idea better). The winning entry will be awarded a cash prize and an all-expense paid trip to the city of Bangalore to participate in the IDIA Camp scheduled on January 18 and January 19, 2014. They would also get the opportunity of performing the skit/musical/dance/moot court or other show that they devise before an audience that would include several renowned and celebrated names from the legal and corporate community.

Now is your chance to showcase that inner talent and unleash the elements of comedy, tragedy, music, dance, melodrama, farce or a combination of any of or all of these. Scarcely will you find any occasion where your creation will be put to any nobler use!

The length of the script/other document/video should be such as to confine the performance within 30 minutes, hence the entries need to be crisp, powerful and elegant in their simplicity. The entries need to be sent to [email protected] by January 7, 2014. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and IDEATE! We look forward to hosting you in Bangalore during the fun-filled and immensely satisfactory weekend.

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