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idia-on-wheels-4Our world is a greatly divided one. Everywhere you see, cracks and divisions exist. While it is all fair to sit behind a computer screen and type words onto the screen admonishing the inequality around, real change can only be affected once we hit the roads and take what is rightfully ours. Fortunately enough, we have found solace in the company of one of our most ardent supporter and a cycle enthusiast, Nihad Basheer. He is willing to literally go that extra mile to effect the change IDIA envisions. He has offered to cycle across various parts of India in order to help raise funds for IDIA and create more awareness around the wonders of law as an education and career option.


The first part of the ‘IDIA on wheels’ project includes him cycling to various parts of India, with IDIA volunteers joining him on the journey from time to time.  The team then conducts sensitizations in at least three schools identified by each chapter. IDIA leaflets, translated in the regional languages of the places to be visited, shall be distributed along the journey to make people aware of what the organization does and how it plans to bring about a difference.

As mentioned earlier, there are two aspects to our ‘IDIA on Wheels’ project –

  1. Awareness
  2. Fund Raising.



idia-on-wheels-3One of IDIA’s biggest goals is to sensitize students, parents and the general masses alike as to the immense positive possibilities that legal education holds for an individual and her/his community and for the nation at large. Nihad Basheer’s grand project of taking IDIA on wheels aims to do exactly this by sensitizing the people he meets on the way as to what the field of law entails, breaking misconceptions surrounding legal profession and conveying to them how law can be an amazing tool for social change.

The cycle wheels began rolling when Nihad jumped aboard his cycle from Mangalore on the 23rd of June, 2015.  He then cycled to Mumbai in a span of 8 days, covering almost 120 kilometers a day! When he reached Mumbai, he was joined by the IDIA team there, who accompanied him on cycles themselves and visited various schools to conduct sensitization sessions.


He bid adieu to Mumbai on 9th July and reached Ahmedabad on 17th July having covered around 550 kms. He was accompanied by the ever-enthusiastic Shantanu Tikadar, a well-wisher and supporter of IDIA, for the rest of his time in the state. Later, volunteers and IDIA scholars from Institute of law, Nirma university, connected with Nihad and Shantanu on cycles and travelled through villages, while stopping at schools and thereby sensitized people and students about IDIA, en route. On the way, they even interacted with the Sarpanch of Zundal village who on getting to know about IDIA’s vision praised the initiative by saying, “We welcome people and ideas of such noble nature. We are glad IDIA came to our village. If they by any way can help our kids, we extend our hands to support the cause”.


Later Nihad and Shantanu went on to engage with the new IDIA GNLU team at Gandhinagar by brainstorming on different aspects of carrying out the IDIA’s activities for the coming year. Soon after that meeting, the team had its first sensitization programme. The IDIA GNLU team couldn’t ’t have had a better kick start and are raring to go on ahead with the chapter’s activities.

Nihad departed Gandhinagar on 22nd July and set forth to his next destination, that is, Rajasthan. He is presently engaging with the IDIA Jodhpur chapter and will soon proceed with sensitization sessions there.

He shall then proceed to Punjab and the brakes shall be finally applied in Delhi on the 8th of August, drawing to close what would be a massive undertaking lasting over 2871 kilometers and connecting IDIA’s city chapters of Mumbai, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Patiala and Delhi.



The target is to raise 5 lakhs rupees which shall be utilized for the legal education of the underprivileged sections of the society. The objective is to fund the education of the IDIA scholars once they have been identified and help them sail through the 5 years of Law College with access to all possible resources and opportunities.

Regular updates of Nihad Basheer’s exceptional journey shall be shared via social media, the local dailies and radio stations to help us achieve the estimated target monetarily as well as for raising as much awareness about legal education among as many people as possible.

The wheels of change have been set in motion. Ironically enough, we have chosen a cycle, the common man’s vehicle to achieve something as big as transforming the society, one step at a time. It only goes to show how effective the simple things in life can be. This journey will be about redemption and hope and in the process we can only wish that the cycle serves as a unifying medium – connecting Law schools across the country with the common masses through sensitization sessions on law and sending out a strong message to all, that until we make the field of Legal Education more diverse and inclusive in our country, the ride shall go on.

Come and be a part of the difference we are trying to bring about!

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