IDIA sensitization at K J Somaiya Junior College of Arts and Commerce, Ghatkopar, Mumbai


The IDIA team consisting of Shreya Parikh, Smriti Bahety, Heena Rohra and Prajna Mohapatra conducted the sensitization programme on law as a career option at the K.J. Somaiya Junior College of Arts and Commerce. Eleventh standard students from both the Arts and the Commerce streams attended the sensitization. The supervising administrative staff expressed the advantages of communicating in vernacular (i.e. Hindi or Marathi) to connect better with the demographic present in the classroom. Therefore, we improvised and used a fair bit of Hindi to optimise its interaction with the audience. There were approximately 100 students who attended the sensitization and about 20 of them showed interest in taking the IDIA aptitude test later this month. We are confident that many more will take the test when it is conducted.

We set up a power point projector for the presentation and distributed the IDIA brochures among the students. We specifically discussed the role and importance of NLUs, the high fee structure prevailing in the NLUs, the requirement of law aspirants to undergo coaching to crack a standardized exam like the CLAT, etc. We also discussed the role of IDIA in helping students attain financial assistance/ fee waivers (in case of admission to the top 3 law schools) and training to crack the CLAT. We also presented a short skit enacting a court-room drama to demonstrate that argumentation is fun and law is not just about deciding what is wrong and what is right.

We ended the sensitization programme with real life examples of IDIA scholars and invited questions from the audience. The students were shy and reluctant to speak up before the entire class to get their doubts addressed — however, many of them did personally come up to the IDIA team at the end of the presentation to understand more about how IDIA trains its students and the manner in which it handholds them.

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