Jharkhand State Scholarship for IDIA Scholar Yogendra Yadav


Yogendra YadavYogendra Yadav, an IDIA 2012 scholar, is a second year student at National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi (NUSRL).

His story is one of the most inspiring IDIA stories ever. Roughly a decade ago, Yogendra used to work as a domestic help in the house of a Circle Officer, to earn Rs. 50 per month for his family. Little did he imagine that one day, he would walk the hallowed halls of a national law university. Yet he is here now. But Yogendra was not content with merely securing admission to an NLU. He worked really hard through this first year and secured a very prestigious Jharkand government scholarship worth Rs. 50,000!

It would have been hard for anyone to imagine that Yogendra, who spent most of his childhood as a domestic-help, would one day receive such a prestigious State Government scholarship to continue his education at a National Law University. And it has been every bit as difficult as it sounds, but like they say, where there’s will, there’s way.

Yogendra’s desire and zeal to study can be noticed by the fact that he used to sell newspapers to support his education. It was then that IDIA found him and began to train him. His courage to dream and his will to succeed helped him give an excellent performance in CLAT and secure a position at NUSRL.

While IDIA continues to support Yogendra, the Jharkhand Government scholarship is an official State appreciation of the achievements, built on true grit. The Government scholarship money will be used to take care of Yogendra’s college expenses. Yogendra wishes to give back to society. When asked what his plans for the future were, he responded by saying that “I want to work for the deprived class as a lawyer and social activist.”

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