Loreto Day School, Kolkata – Sensitization


Loreto SchoolOn the 24th of September 2013, a team from the West Bengal Chapter of IDIA conducted a sensitization at Loreto Day School, Sealdah. The team consisted of Ashutosh P Shukla, Shreyashi Ray, Prafful Goyal, Sammanika Rawat, Shailja Agarwal, Divya Thapliyal and me. The school is an English medium girl’s school affiliated to the West Bengal board and there were some 50 odd girls there, mostly from the humanities or commerce streams.


ShreyashiShreyashi gave them a basic idea about law as a career option which was followed by Shailja giving the girls a first year’s view on law school. They were also made aware of the variety of experiences, and the exposure they would get at a National Law University. They were even told about some of the visitors of the NUJS, renowned individuals such as Usha Uthup and APJ Abdul Kalam, names that most of the girls were familiar with. Ashutosh asked the girls for their opinion about law and lawyers. Some girls with lawyers in their families answered from their experience. Certain myths were debunked and the girls were introduced to idea that not all law students end up as lawyers, the variety of options available to a law student where jobs are concerned were put before them.  He then proceeded to introduce them to IDIA, what its objectives are and how it goes about achieving them. They were also informed about the success story of an IDIA scholar from the school, Sanjana Roy, who cracked CLAT 2012.

Aptitude testThen the aptitude test was started, 10 minutes were given to all candidates to fill in their personal details on the first two pages. The duration of the test itself was 50 minutes for attempting 40 questions, one of which was a subjective legal reasoning question, the rest all being objective questions. With the exception of a few minor queries raised by the girls, pin drop silence was maintained, as all of them solved the paper with utmost concentration. As soon as their time ended we collected the papers and almost immediately started correcting them. The highest score out of 46 was 25.5 and on the basis of scores we shortlisted 11 girls for the interview. On closer inspection of their annual income, we had to eliminate 4 students who came from privileged backgrounds.


DSCN1938The interviews started along the conventional lines by asking the interviewee about her parents and siblings and plans for the future etc.  The first two candidates were not very clear about law as a career option and seemed rather confused. It seemed pointless to continue with the interviews before the girls were properly acquainted with law and a mini-orientation of sorts was started for their benefit.  All the shortlisted girls were then called together and given a more detailed description of what law means, how much do law school graduates earn, the difference between the NLU’s and other law colleges etc. They were also told about CLAT, what it is ,what preparing for it entails and how IDIA enters the picture by helping them not only in getting them into a law school but also ensuring that they do not face any additional difficulties once they do. They were informed about the tie-up with LST, the additional coaching, the mentorship program, scholarships and other relevant information. The girls were addressed individually and were asked about their ambitions. They were informed, once again, of the exposure that only an NLU can provide them with. Their questions were answered. They were then told to go back home, take their time, consult their family, elders etc. and to do some research of their own before coming to a decision.  They were given the contact details of the IDIA members and were asked to intimate their final decision to us within two days.


TeamWe went to Loreto with high hopes, given the quality of students there in the past, and the shortlisted candidates showed an enthusiasm and promise that filled us with joy.  The interviews for final selections would be held shortly. We hope that we have opened the eyes of these girls to the world of law, to the innumerable opportunities that exist and are within their reach once they decide to reach out and to strive for it. We wish them success in whatever endeavours they undertake.

  1. I too want to contribute to IDIA at WB,kolkata.
    Ritesh prasad.

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