Rajasthan Chapter – IDIA Sensitization at Kendriya Vidyalaya


TeachOn 30th October, 2013, the Rajasthan Chapter of IDIA, consisting of Team Leader Ashwini Tallur, Team Members Shagun Jaggi, Priyanka Kansara and Pavithra Vasudev, and Volunteer Neha Maurya, held a sensitization programme at Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1 (Army), with the intention of introducing law as a career to the students of the eleventh grade, many of who are currently considering pursuing the traditional career paths of Medicine or Engineering. We could sense a sort of hesitation among students, with regards to law as a career. When we asked a few students about what they thought of lawyers, a few answered, “A person who makes money by fighting cases and lying.”

We opened the presentation by asking what the students want to take up after their 12th grade. Many were still unsure about the future, being two whole years away from passing out. A few wanted to take up the Civil Service exams, others wanted to take up Banking. A few wanted to join the Armed Forces and a couple of them wanted to do Chartered Accountancy. We then showed them how they could stay in the field of their interest and still take up law. To the ones aspiring to be IAS officers, we showed how the field of law is a classic choice of majority of the students appearing for the exam (including three of us), and how it will in fact help them in its preparation. We also mentioned the role of lawyers as future politicians, journalists, international organizations like the UN, and of course, as a litigator.

TeachWe explained how study of law provides empowerment along with a huge range of career opportunities. We spoke about the wonderful law school life, CLAT and what IDIA does.

We built a rapport with the students by discussing films where law had an important role to play. For instance, as the students were from an Army background, we used the plot of Shourya (Hindi version of “A Few Good Men”) to draw them in and make them understand the advantages of law as a career.

Some of the students seemed interested in giving law as a career a shot. These students were mainly from the Arts stream. The science stream students seemed extremely reluctant to give up their plans of pursuing engineering/medicine. This thinking, of course, will take more than one sensitization programme to change.

The presentations were followed by an aptitude test that was taken by 101 students. The aptitude test comprised of 40 questions of 1 mark each and the duration of the test was 1 hr and 15 mins. Twelve students have made it to the interview round, which we will conduct in the next few days.

TeachThe Principal as well as the teachers were very cooperative and supportive, making our work a whole lot easier. The students were equally cooperative and quite interactive. Many frequently asked questions and clarified doubts.

At the end of the programme, we realized that it was one thing to just give away charity in the form of scholarships and grants. These sensitization programmes do is more than that. They disperse knowledge and information. Many out there don’t even know about law as a career. When you realize that you are spreading awareness and providing information that will help a child make an informed decision about his career, the feeling is surreal.

We look forward to conducting more sensitization programmes with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

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