Report for IDIA – Nagaland Sensitization, 2013


The sensitization at Nagaland took place after the formation of team for the working year 2013-2014. This year too, IDIA Nagaland decided to work in association with Dimapur Naga Student’s Union, Dimapur District Citizens Forum and City Law College. The time frame for the sensitization was scheduled to be from 15th September onwards after the telephonic conversations with the past year’s organizations. On 15th September, Team leader Nikita Engheepi along with team member Dishari Sarkar and IDIA volunteers, Akanksha Kaushik and Debasmita Bhakta left Kolkata by Kamrup Express and reached Dimapur Station at 10.30 pm on 16th September.

Day 1 (17th September):

LivingstoneThe first school we visited was Livingstone Foundation Higher Senior Secondary School. Since IDIA has already been to this school during its sensitization last year, there was a good rapport with the principal. He agreed to let us speak to the students’ right there. Considering that it was the first school we visited together as a team, the response we got from both the science and arts sections was pretty good. When we communicated with the students in Nagamese, they got more enthusiastic and we understood that it was crucial to have local volunteers for creating a local base for every chapter. From Livingstone we went to St. Paul’s senior secondary school where we met the local volunteers Asino and Sonika, from City Law College.  The response that we had was very good and the Principal requested us to conduct a separate test for their school. Because of the huge turnout and the response that we got from both schools, the team could only cover 2 schools before the end of school hours but considering that both the schools were under our target list, it turned out to be fruitful. The team then proceeded to the office of Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU), which is the largest student body of Dimapur. It may be mentioned that IDIA had tied up with them last year as well for the sensitization.  Team leader Nikita and Team Member Dishari held a meeting with them and the former proposed the idea of entering into a permanent tie up so that the team that would come later would not face any problem. Matchio Lotha, President of DNSU welcomed the idea but highlighted the fact that their tenure would be coming to end soon. It was later agreed that more thoughts on how to create a permanent set up would be discussed soon.  The IDIA Nagaland team along with DNSU official then went for a Press Conference which was attended by local dailies, Nagaland Post and ­­­Nagaland Page. During press conference, we discussed about necessity of legal education, career options, concept of NLUs, aim & objectives of IDIA etc. then we showed IDIA video and Vinatoli’s video. Please find the link for the report: Nagaland Post

However, the third paragraph of the report says “The selected candidate(s) whose parents’ income not exceeding Rs.20,000 per month would be given admission to the prestigious National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata.“We had informed about this error to the concerned authorities and next day the Nagaland Post clarified this. Please find the attachment for the same.

Day 2 (18th September):

We visited Dimapur Govt. Higher Secondary School. We spoke in three sections of that school. We spent more time there as this was a target school for us. After that we divided ourselves into 2 groups for the easier coverage of schools. One team consisted of Dishari, Debasmita and 2 local volunteers Sonika and Khezeto from the City Law College, Dimapur while the other team consisted of Nikita, Akanksha and Asino from City Law College. The two teams visited 9 schools in total on the second day.

Day 3 (19th September):

Test16 schools were covered in total by both the teams on day 3. Four schools had exams during the time we visited and hence appointments were taken for the next day.  Team Leader Nikita, Akanksha and Sonika visited City Law College. It may be mentioned that the local volunteers who helped us this year and last year were from this college. They met the Principal of the college and then met all the volunteers who were going to be present for the aptitude test to be held on 21st September, Saturday. Since most of the volunteers were first years, the IDIA team briefed them about IDIA and they also spoke about the opportunity of working with IDIA Nagaland team as a member. IDIA team then received a phone call from the principal of Govt HSS who requested us to conduct a test for their students at their school. Because of the response that we got, after discussion, we agreed to conduct a separate test for St. Paul HSS and Govt HSS the next day. Later that night, Team Director, Arnab Roy and IDIA Volunteer, Pracheta Bhattacharya reached Dimapur.

Day 4 (20th September):

Day 4 turned out to be a very hectic day because we had to sensitize as well as conduct tests at two schools which were at the opposite ends of the town. The team was divided into three groups. Two groups conducted the test, while one group conducted the sensitization. The sensitization team visited 5 schools out of which appointments for 4 schools were taken in the previous day.  The tests at St. Paul HSS and Government HSS were successful as about 80 students in each school gave the test.

Day 5 (21st September):

The aptitude test was scheduled for 2 PM at Science Centre, Dimapur. When the team reached the venue at 12:30 PM, some students were already present at the venue. Officials from DNSU visited the test centre. The volunteers arrived at 1 PM and posters, banner were put up. They were briefed about the question paper and the necessary details that had to be filled. Because of the unexpectedly huge turn out the test had to be conducted in two shifts. By the time the test ended it was nearly 6 PM. After the end of the test, Team Director, Arnab Roy and Team Leader, Nikita, addressed the volunteers thanking them for their help and about the opportunity of working with IDIA as a team member.

Day 6 (22nd September):

The team met in Nikita’s house and corrected the answer papers. Later in the evening, Team Director, Arnab Roy, Team Leader Nikita and Akanksha visited the home of IDIA Scholar, Vinatoli Yepthomi for background verification.

Day 7 (23rd September) & Day 8 (24th September):

The team conducted the interview and background check of the top scorers.

n3With this we concluded our sensitization for this year. As compared to last year, this year, 377 students appeared for the test. We also found some bright students who surprised us during the interview. Like last year, we received tremendous help from Dimapur Naga Student’s Union, Dimapur District Citizens Forum and City Law College. Although the original team members were not able to go to Nagaland, we did end up getting three, very helpful and passionate volunteers who helped us to carry on with our work. We also had passionate local volunteers who accompanied us to every school that we visited during our sensitization program. Because of last year’s sensitization, people knew about us and schools were more welcoming as compared to last year. Taking a look back at the turnout and the feedback that we received, it can be said that the sensitization was a great success and we wish to continue this endeavor of ours in the days to come.

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