Let there be light: Tech Mahindra Scholarships for 4 visually impaired IDIA Scholars


Diwali- the festival of lights has brightened the lives of a couple of IDIA scholars in the form of scholarships granted by the Tech Mahindra- Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (“XRCVC”). The four IDIA scholars namely Yugal Jain, Arepalli Nagababu, Guduru Sudheer Reddy and Narala Chenna Reddy were informed that they had been selected by the XRCVC to receive the Tech Mahindra XRCVC scholarship on the eve of Diwali. The scholarship amount would be utilized towards the payment of the scholar’s hostel fees.

The XRCVC works towards creating an enabling environment to facilitate the development of an inclusive society both at the micro as well as the macro levels thereby providing equal opportunities for holistic growth for the visually challenged. What connects IDIA to XRCVC is the fact that both the organizations work on the principles of social inclusion and therefore the background profile and the academic records of the IDIA scholars suited perfectly for Tech Mahindra- XRCVC’s target candidates.


Director of XRCVC, Dr. Sam Taraporevala said, “In its quest to promote a more inclusive society where higher/professional education would play a pivotal role in empowering the visually challenged, the XRCVC had identified a major gap area, and namely that high quality professional education was expensive. Given the fact that many visually challenged students came from weaker socio-economic backgrounds they faced exclusion simply because they could not afford the cost of quality education. Our partnership with the Tech Mahindra Foundation helped us develop this niche scholarship which endeavors to help mitigate the financial distress of needy scholars. Supporting IDIA scholars fits into our overall plan as we would be able to ensure that the students are not only truly deserving but are being backed up by an organization that would nurture their talent.”


The students were shortlisted on the basis of their academic records and their statement of purpose which was followed by a telephonic interview.


yugalYugal Jain, currently in his second year, at NALSAR expressed “I have a lot of expenses towards this semester and I was applying to quite a few scholarship schemes. I was extremely happy to receive this scholarship from Tech Mahindra- XRCVC for the second time as it took some weight off my father’s shoulders.”


Both IDIA and XRCVC are on its way to achieve one of its prime goals- empowerment of the underprivileged sections of the society as it is very evident in the words of Arepali Nagababu. He says “the monetary factor had always made pursuing law at a National Law University seem like a distant dream. It is overwhelming that this dream is now possible. This kind of support makes me feel like I am at par with the other regular students in my class and now I want to work even harder.”


gudduruGuduru Sudheer Reddy says “It has been very difficult for me at various points of my life to convince people around me to give me a chance- so much so, that many a times I have felt like giving up on my dreams. The award of this scholarship has motivated me so much that now I am confident that nothing can stop me from reaching my dreams anymore!”


naralaNarala Chenna Reddy, Sudheer’s class mate at National Law University, Odisha, says “I have always felt very lucky to be a part of this Law School, but a thought had consistently haunted me- its expense. The payment of my high tuition fee always concerns me. But Tech Mahindra-XRCVC has been very nice to me for granting me this much needed scholarship. Whenever I feel down about not being able to achieve something, I think about receiving this scholarship and it gives me a great moral boost!”


We, at IDIA thank everyone at Tech Mahindra and XRCVC for spreading the warmth of happiness into Yugal, Nagababu, Sudheer and Chenna’s lives and for bringing a ray of hope into the lives of many other visually challenged students’.


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