Madan Prakash


Since childhood, Madan walked six kilometres everyday to attend the nearest school in his village in Karnataka. When other children of his age would play after school, Madan had to rush home and help his father till the land and grow ragi. His daily routine consisted of milking the cows and helping with the household chores.

One would not have blamed this boy from Gudemaranahalli village in Solur District, had he decided to give up formal education early in life. But Madan knew that the only way he could alleviate the poverty and backwardness his family suffers from, was through education. After topping his batch in the village school, he came to Bangalore with his uncle to complete his secondary education. Madan says that coming to Bangalore changed his entire perception about the world. For the first time in his life, he encountered people speaking fluently in English and quickly realised that he needed to learn this language soon, if he had to make a headway in his career. Madan strove to score an overwhelming 95% marks in his Standard X, which was the highest marks in his Panchayat and in his Taluk and 96.3% in his higher secondary examinations.

Career choices are often motivated by personal life experiences. It was easy for this achiever, to choose medical or engineering as a preferred career option, like most other meritorious students in the country. Madan however, chose law. He recollects the day when his father, being an agricultural labourer in Karnataka, lost his only piece of land over a legal dispute. The poor family could not afford a lawyer and his father had lamented that, had they been able to afford a lawyer, things would have turned out differently for the family.

This childhood memory haunted Madan throughout his growing years and he dreamt of making legal services accessible to farmers and labourers. Currently studying at ILS, Pune and having secured a seat at HNLU through CLAT 2013, Madan is one of the our most hardworking and deserving scholars.

  1. Really madan you are great,you made your challenges into opportunity.Even you thought what you face others shouldn’t.God bless you,best of luck

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