Manash Mandal


manas-mondalDaring to dream beyond the ordinary despite his humble background, Manash from Dibrugarh, Assam, is one of the most motivated and focused IDIA scholars from the IDIA North-East chapter. He has exhibited sincerity and potential, the most important qualities expected of any IDIA scholar.

He lost his father at a very early age and his mother, a homemaker, struggles to make ends meet with him and his younger brother, who is in class X, with a meager income of Rs. 4000 a month. Although his parents have a relatively humble educational background, Manash has expressed a great desire in taking up law as a career and making his mother proud. He has shown a great zeal towards cracking CLAT and pursuing law. His sincerity towards his academics is reflected in the way he balanced his studies for his Class XII examinations with his CLAT preparations over the last one year. As a result of his diligence and dedication, Manash has secured an All India Category Rank of 195 in CLAT 2015 and thereby, secured admissions in Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur.

Manash’s dream of pursuing law is born from a desire to become an IAS officer and serve society. His exceptional dedication will ensure a trailblazing career for this bright boy who is all set to use his education to change society for the better.


  1. how to start a BHOPAL?? If you have let me know as I am having a school of BPL kids in BHEL BHOPAL area.See the WP

  2. That’s more than senslbie! That’s a great post!

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