Md. Danish Ghani


danishDanish grew up in penurious circumstances. His father works at a foot-wear shop, earns merely Rs. 3,000 each month, and supports a family of 5 people. Despite the lack of financial resources, Danish’s desire to dream big, work hard, and acquire knowledge have helped him transcend his financial background.

Danish did his schooling at Mohammad Jan High School, Kolkata, and enrolled in Ambedkar College, Kolkata as a history student. He enjoys reading books and playing cricket, but participating in and winning quiz competitions is closest to his heart.

When we queried him about his reason to pursue a career in law, he cited his dissatisfaction with the current state of law and order in the country as his primary motivation.

Danish consistently put in his best efforts and secured admission to Institute of Law, Nirma University. He hopes to etch a career for himself in legislative drafting, but this IDIA Scholar would be equally happy to become an IAS officer and contribute to the welfare of our society.

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