Namrata Dubey


namrata-dubey“Any change in the society can be brought through the judicious use of the law.” These are the words of one of our most dedicated scholars, Namrata Dubey. Namrata has always been fascinated by law, and she dreamt of becoming a human rights lawyer.

The very first thing which you notice when you first meet this scholar of IDIA is her sincerity and dedication towards her work or for that matter, almost anything. Her mentors have always been all praises of her hunger for knowledge and her earnestness to achieve it. “That was one among the many reasons, which has gotten her to the place where she is today” is the opinion of her mentors at IDIA.

The eldest among the three siblings, Namrata had always been the love of her father’s life for the understanding of life she showed when she even did not know the meaning of it.“I am proud of my daughter!” proclaims her father enthusiastically, the sole bread earner for the family of five who runs a small shop in Park Street, Kolkata. “There were times when we had to live in that 10/10 shop of ours and substantiate the whole family in meagre income which I had through my shop. Yes, all five of us. The moment would be heavy upon me as I knew how brilliant she was in studies, yet I had my limitations. I am so proud of her when I see that she has forged her own way out of the penury and paucity she has seen in her life” adds her father, with tears in her eyes.

Namrata completed her preliminary education from different schools which had to be shifted again and again according to the economic condition of her family. She finished most of her secondary education on the waivers which she acquired owing to her merit. During her school time, she was the editor of her school magazine. After passing the higher secondary from Ballygunge Sikhsa Sadan she took admission in South Calcutta Law College, Calcutta University in pursuit of her lifelong dream of being a human rights lawyer. That was the point when she came in contact with IDIA and one crash course and two months later, through her dedication and sheer hard work she made her way into the Institute of Law, Nirma University on the basis of her CLAT score.

Namrata has presented her paper on ‘Implication of Language used in Legal Judgements on Society and Role of Judges therein’ at Jindal Global Law School in first year. She is an avid reader and takes lot of fun in cooking and dancing. She is one person who can present her thoroughly substantiated opinion on any topic ranging from history to politics to philosophy. With her parents’ love and encouragement aided by a little help from IDIA, she has come a long way and still has a long way to go and we at IDIA, are confident that in this IDIA scholar, there is a bright human rights lawyer in making.


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