Sayantan Adhya


sayantan-aThe first thing you would notice about Sayantan when you meet him, is not his visual impairment but the omnipresent smile on his face. His trainers say that Sayantan was one guy they were hopeful about, from the time he was selected through an aptitude test, even before he attended a single training session!

A resident of Ariadaha near Kolkata and the middle child of a small businessman and housewife, Sayantan faced problems with his vision since he was four. After a failed surgery, that was meant to restore vision in his left eye, the doctors detected that he suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. Soon after, this disease also took away the vision in his right eye.

Sayantan’s father had a small business of producing screws which were used as intermediary materials in the jute industry and his mother works with differently-abled children to provide vocational training to them. Unfettered by his disability or the financial difficulties faced by the family, his parents always egged him to study and excel in academics. He started preparing for CLAT since September 2012 and his mentors and trainers were confident that this hardworking and motivated child would surely crack CLAT.

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