Tulasiram Mudavath


tulasiram-mGrowing up amidst severe poverty in Mehboobnagar, Andhra Pradesh, Tulasiram aspired to only one thing: to lift his family out of poverty. His father, grandfather, and their fathers before them had all been poor farmers barely able to eke out a living. As the only one in his family’s history to have received an education, Tulasiram understands the true value of it. Given that he is visually challenged, the ride was an even rougher one for him.

It was during his preparation for his SSC Examination that he came to the knowledge that the law was an instrument that treated the rich and poor alike and gave them equal rights. This concept of equality appealed to him immensely, and he knew he had found his calling. Tulasiram did not let the fact that he is visually challenged affect his preparation. While preparing for the CLAT, his mentors would find him on the computer every weekend listening to it narrate world affairs to him. Tulasiram persevered against all odds and secured an admission to NLU, Odisha.

When asked which book he would like us to gift him, he didn’t hesitate to ask for ‘Dreams into Action’ by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, which contains his favourite quote: “If you follow excellence, success follows”. Tulasiram is an exemplar of this very motto, and we hope that this IDIA Scholar will turn out to be one hell of a trail blazer!

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