Veeranna Badavathu


VeerannaVeeranna studied at Sai Junior College, Hyderabad, a special school for the visually challenged. He was ecstatic when the CLAT results were announced recently and he found that he had made it to NLU, Jodhpur.

However, life has not been easy for this bright scholar from the town of Karimnagar. His father passed away early in his childhood, and he lives with his mother and grandmother. The family has struggled to survive on a hand-to-mouth basis, which made Veeranna’s visual impairment worse as he spent his childhood without access to sufficient reading material.

Veeranna, however, has always been determined, dedicated, and focused on achieving his ambitions. He burnt the midnight oil while preparing for the CLAT. His vast knowledge of national and international issues and his ability to articulate coherent opinions on important contemporary topics impressed his IDIA trainers. He is confident that he will be able to shoulder his family’s responsibilities once he becomes a lawyer.

Currently studying in his second year at  NLUJ, Veeranna had proved his abilities through his academics not only to his trainers and mentors, but has become an inspiration for the coming anyone trying to pursue law that even through difficulties and hardships in life one can find way and prove to the world that there’s always a next phase of life where the hardwork will show. After coming to college the real struggle began for veeranna and despite facing a lot of competition he held his ground and kept going.

Within a short period of time, Veeranna endeared himself to his IDIA trainers. We believe that this IDIA Scholar’s enthusiasm, desire, and never-say-die approach will take him far in life.

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