IDIA Teamleaders 2015


Amrita Shivaprasad, Team Leader, Rajasthan Chapter

She is currently the Team Leader of the IDIA Rajasthan Chapter. She is highly dedicated to the cause of education and loves working with children. Amrita believes in taking the initiative to make a difference in this world, and hopes to effect change in a big way in the future and considers legal aid one way of bringing about this change. She has diverse interests and a morbid fascination with international law. She loves mooting and was the Finalist at the International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition, 2015. She is also a sportsperson and hopes to travel the world some day and get to know and experience various cultures.

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Aashna Jain, Team Leader, Fund raising & Sensitization team, Rajasthan Chapter.

Aashna Jain is the team leader of the Fundraising and the Sensitization vertical at the Rajasthan Chapter of IDIA. She is a third year law student at National Law University, Jodhpur. She joined IDIA, in order to break the cliché that one pursues law only to mint money. She is very much interested in pursuing human rights in her higher studies. She believes that self-preservation should not be the end of every activity that one does, and hence feels that it is not always about taking, it’s about giving too!

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Abhisekh Jha, Deputy Team Leader, Sensitization and Selection Tea
m, Hyderabad Chapter

Abhishek is a third year student at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. He is the Co- Deputy Team Leader of Sensitization and Selection Team. Prior to this, he worked for the Training and Materials Team, wherein he co-ordinated with the partner coaching centres, providing materials made by members of the team to scholars, and scheduling training classes at respective schools, etc. He strongly believes that IDIA has given him an opportunity to help and train scholars from varied backgrounds and prepare them for a platform to gain experience and knowledge through personal interaction, taking up responsibilities and exploring one’s horizons. His interests include reading, photography and poetry.

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Aditi Bhat, Team Leader [ Training & Materials] , Odisha Chapter

Aditi Bhatt is a final year student of National Law University, Odisha and is currently the Team Leader for CLAT Training and Materials Team. She has previously been a part of Gandhi Corner (a group that focused on teaching girl students who were underprivileged), NLUO Legal Aid Committee and Childline India (Human Unity Movement, Lucknow). She joined IDIA in her third year as a social mentor was subsequently promoted as a Team Leader for the Mentorship Team [2014-15]). IDIA Odisha is currently the largest team with 8 scholars. Her team consistently focuses on improvement of our scholars and for the success of the Chapter as a whole.

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Akash Radhakrishnan, Deputy Team Leader, Sensitization and Selection Team, Kerala Chapter

Akash is a third year student at National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi. He has been working with IDIA since 2013. He is the Co- Deputy Team Leader of Sensitization and Selection Team of the Kerala chapter. His commitment for the society goes back to his early school days were he used to mentor underprivileged kids . A person who believes that a human being’s life should be lived to realize his full potential, he urges the youth to be devoted towards the society. He is also passionate about music and plays for his college’s rock band

AthiraPalanghat, Deputy Team Leader, Training and Materials, Kerala Chapter

Athira is a third year student at National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi. She is the Deputy Team Leader of the Training and Materials vertical of IDIA’s Kerala Chapter. She is a zealous and enterprising student who has been a core member of IDIA since her first year. IDIA has rewarded her with enriching experiences that have broadened her perspectives and taught her humility, among other values. She is a voracious reader who also enjoys debating, dancing and writing. She dreams of traveling and publishing her own book one day.

Karthikey Gupta, Team Leader, Academic & Mentorship [Scholars], Odisha Chapter

Karthikey Gupta is a fourth-year student at NLU-Odisha and currently heads the academic and mentorship team.  IDIA Odisha chapter is one of largest chapters with 8 scholars currently studying in NLU-Odisha.  He over sees the academic and Social mentorship program for scholars. His work plays a vital role in all round development of our scholars in NLU-Odisha. His team teaches the scholars various subjects and helps them excel in their academics.  He also presented a paper on Marrakesh Treaty with Sudheer Reddy, a scholar of IDIA in his fourth year at NLU-Odisha

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Namrata Vinod, Team Leader, Kerala Chapter

Namrata is a fifth student at National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi. She is the team leader of the Kerala Chapter of IDIA. In her third year, she became a part of IDIA, enthused by its intentions of building a diversified legal environment in law schools. She is a devout believer of the idea that we can change the world one thought at a time, one child at a time, one family at a time, one community at a time, one city, one state and one country at a time. The stereotype that undervalues non-science careers motivated her to illuminate people, especially young minds, towards the competence of the legal profession. A trained classical dancer, she loves dancing besides being an avid reader and enjoys putting the pen to the parchment.

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Nishtha Gupta, DTL, Hyderabad Chapter

Nishtha is a second year student at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad.  She joined IDIA as a volunteer in her first year, which helped her self-actualise and came as an escape from the hustle-bustle of law school. In her second year, she was selected as  a Deputy Team Leader and  ever since she has worked in furtherance of her belief that IDIA is a great instrument of change and possibly the best way to breakaway from the elitism that law schools seem to exuberate.  IDIA has left an indelible impact on her and helped her realize its potential in more ways than one. She is a voracious reader and is keenly drawn towards cultural and gender studies.

Email: [email protected]

Padmini Baruah, Co-Team Leader, Karnataka Chapter

Padmini is a fifth-year student at the NLSIU Bangalore, and a teamleader of the Karnataka Chapter. She is an active part of the Legal Services Clinic NLSIU and enjoys every opportunity she gets to meet new people. Padmini is deeply interested in the interface between law and technology and regularly writes for the Centre for Internet and Society. She is  also a huge music and theatre enthusiast and tries that bring that to all aspects of her life – including IDIA! She has been involved in some capacity or the other with IDIA for four years now, and hope to be tied intimately with the movement for a long time to come, in whatever way I can.

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Pritam Dey, Deputy Team Leader, North East Chapter

Pritam Dey is a third year student at the National Law University Assam. He is the Deputy Team Leader of the newly constituted IDIA Northeast Chapter. He started at IDIA with a sensitization drive in the normally inaccessible insurgency-hit areas of the East Garo Hills district of Meghalaya, where the IDIA addressed over 600 students in a span of three days. Now, he hopes to carry forward the message of IDIA in the Northeast region at an even bigger scale in the near future. His hobbies include playing the guitar, music production and reading novels. He is also an avid potterhead.

Email: [email protected]

Ramya Tenneti, Co-Team Leader, Hyderabad Chapter

RamyaTenneti is a fourth year student at National Academy of Legal Studies and Research. She has been a part of IDIA since her first year. She used to teach mathematics and legal aptitude to visually impaired scholars. Moved by the dedication of the scholars, she tried to do everything in her capacity to level the playing field. She cares deeply about caste-based discrimination and feminist issues. As someone who cares deeply about compassion and tolerance in today’s growingly inhuman world, she actively takes part in scholarly and political activities to further this cause. She also founded one of the largest student run organisations for holistic and sustainable development in Hyderabad called The Orange Leaf.

Email: [email protected]

Rahul Agrawal, Co – Deputy Team Leader, Orissa Chapter

Rahul Agrawal is a 4th year student at National Law University Odisha. He is an editor to the NLUO Student Law Journal for the past 2 years. He took part in co-curricular activities like Moot and ADR competitions. He participated in the DU LC-1 & NHRC National Moot Court Competition in the year 2014, held at LC-1, University of Delhi. Initially, he decided to pursue medicine and got admission in Allen Kota, “my life basically, revolves around the last minute decisions”, he says and subsequently, he chose commerce and appeared for CLAT. He believes in the saying – “Everything happens for a reason”. Rahul’s journey with IDIA started as a pro bono volunteer and there has been no looking back since then. In his idle time he reads (books other than that of law), watches sci-fi movies/sitcoms or listens to Pennmasala. He is also having start-up plans for him.

Rishika Srivatsava, Team Leader, Delhi Chapter

Rishika Srivatsava, TL, NLU-D, Delhi Chapter Rishika Srivastava is a fifth year student at National Law University, Delhi. She firmly believes that education is a tool for empowerment and for this reason she has taught children belonging to the underprivileged strata of the society regularly since the age of thirteen. All the children she taught were plagued by impoverishment, exploitation and lack of access to affordable and effective legal help. Because of her desire to empower people with the help of law and legal education, after joining law school, she volunteered to be a part of IDIA as soon as it started its chapter in Delhi 3 years ago. She was appointed as the team leader one year later and has been heading the Delhi Chapter since then. Under her leadership, the IDIA Delhi team grew from a small group of 15 volunteers to one having 60+ members. Instead of limiting sensitizations to government and NGO-run schools, she reached out to other marginalized sections of the society, like commercial sex workers, children from remote areas of Ladakh and disadvantaged Muslims. The diversity at home project was also kick-started by her wherein she selected IDIA trainees from amongst the children of her University’s domestic and support staff.

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Shreya Prakash, Co-Team Leader, Karntaka Chapter

Shreya is a fifth year student at National Law School of India Bangalore She is the Team Leader of the Sensitization team of the IDIA Karnataka Chapter. While working with IDIA for the past two years, she has concentrated specifically on awareness generation among students and parents and sensitization of volunteers and teachers. She is passionate about improving access to quality education and believes that education should assist in overcoming disabilities of background and not reinforce them. She has been associated with NLS’ Academic Support Program and other education-focused NGOs. She loves reading, travelling and all other activities that broaden her horizons.

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 Saubhagya Alfred, Team Leader, West Bengal Chapter

Saubhagya Raj Alfred is a third year student of West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences. He is currently the Team Leader of the West Bengal Chapter of IDIA. He devoted two years of work to the North-East Chapter and was an integral part of the Chapter during its formative years. With the shift of North-East Chapter to NLUJA Assam he became a member of West Bengal Chapter and was appointed as its Team Leader. He firmly believes that diversity in educational institutions is the core of holistic learning and the path to a better society. He is a talented musician and an avid gamer.

Email: [email protected]

Suborndeep Bhattacharjee, Team Leader, North East Chapter

Subornadeep Bhattacharjee is a third year student at the National Law University, Assam, Guwahati. He is the Team Leader of the Northeast Chapter of IDIA. Associated with IDIA from the days of the Assam sub- chapter, his continuous efforts to strive for more saw the setting up of the independent Northeast Chapter in Assam. Hailing from the picturesque hill-station of Shillong, he is deeply moved by the cause of IDIA, and believes that true diversity existing in the North-eastern States, if tapped into, can actually make the IDIA movement, more holistic, encompassing and empowering in its spirit.

Email: [email protected]

 Shachi Jain, Team Leader, Mumbai Chapter

Shachi Jain is a fourth year student at Government Law College, Mumbai. She has been the Team Leader of IDIA Mumbai chapter since its very inception in 2015 and has played a key role in establishing IDIA’s youngest chapter. Shachi, while leading a small but enthusiastic team of 15 members, has successfully managed a large number of initiatives like the launch of IDIA in Mumbai, Lunchbox sensitization of Dabbawalas and children of sex-workers, IDIA on Wheels and many more within a short span of time. IDIA Mumbai also successfully organized the IDIA Football League 2015, an annual fundraiser event, witnessing participation from lawyers across 20 top law firms and corporate houses. A theatre enthusiast, in her free time she loves watching plays and is a regular visitor to the National Centre for Performing Arts in Mumbai.

Email: [email protected]

Shweta Kabra, Deputy Team Leader, Delhi Chapter

Shweta is a fourth year student at National Law University, Delhi. She is the Co-Team Leader of the Delhi Chapter. She has been a member of the English teaching team since 2013. She loves teaching and truly feels that every class has been a new learning experience for her. She strongly believes that the concept of merit in our education system is flawed and is designed only to benefit students of certain backgrounds; and in order to alter this, she hopes to take the Delhi Chapter to new heights. She has a keen interest in issues of gender identity and sexual orientation and loves dancing and playing volleyball.

Email: [email protected]

Smriti Singh, Co-Team Leader, Uttar Pradesh Chapter

Smriti Singh is a final year student at RMNLU, Lucknow. She joined IDIA team as a volunteer in 2012 and is now promoted as co-team leader in Lucknow Chapter. She believes a lawyer has the capability of bringing about the change in the society. She believes that IDIA gives an opportunity to make sure that the country has good lawyers who work for better societal values of the country.

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Spadika Jayaraj, Co-Team Leader, Karnataka Chapter

Spadika is a fifth year student at National Law School, Bangalore. She is the Co-Team Leader of the Karnataka Chapter, and hopes to see the Chapter make a big difference by reaching out to the students, training and mentoring them to live up to their potential. Over the years, she has been active in the Legal Services Clinic, a committee in college that spreads legal awareness as well as providing free legal assistance. When not working for IDIA, she is usually reading something obscure on the internet or blogging on

Email: [email protected]

Theja Saai, Deputy Team Leader, Training & Materials, Hyderabad Chapter

ThejaSaai is currently a second year student of law at NALSAR, Hyderabad. He began his journey with IDIA in January 2015 as a member and now hold the responsibility of being Co-Deputy Team Leader of the Training and Materials Team. His efforts for IDIA were rewarded in bountiful with the award of Best DTL of the Hyderabad Chapter in October 2015. From an informal member to the winner of the best DTL award, he looks forward to take the Hyderabad Chapter to greater heights.

Email id: [email protected]

Vinoothna, Deputy Team Leader, Hyderabad Chapter

Vinoothna is a second year student at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. She is the Co-Deputy Team Leader of the Sensitisation&Selection Vertical and has been associated with IDIA since 2014. Since then, she has been to schools, conducted sensitisation camps, tests, has been on interview panels, and also mentored a scholar. She strongly believes that IDIA is symbolic of the potential we have to help and support under-privileged people in the society, and is a great way to stay in touch with reality, especially for students in law school.

Email: [email protected]

Vipan Kumar, Team Leader, Punjab Chapter

Vipan is a fifth year student at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala. He is associated with IDIA not only as a Team Leader but also as scholar. In his fourth year, he took the initiative of setting-up the IDIA Chapter in Punjab and has been leading the team since then. He believes that law can be used as a weapon to bring about changes in our society. At law school, he has participated in holding legal clinic services and legal awareness camps in and around Patiala. Other than engaging in social work, he loves clicking pictures. He is an avid traveller and wants to see the whole of India through the lens of his camera.

Email : [email protected]

Yugal Jain, Team Leader, Hyderabad Chapter

Yugal is currently a fourth year student at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. He was chosen as an IDIA scholar in 2012, and He presently serves as the IDIA Team Leader of the Hyderabad Chapter. He likes to work with people from diverse backgrounds and firmly believes in team work. He tends to be driven by opportunities that require him to push the boundaries of his comfort zone, and deal with new challenges.

He believes IDIA has given him an opportunity to contribute to the society, and to make a difference. He believes that actual challenge for IDIA and the scholar begins after scholar steps in the “elite environment” of the law school, henceforth a student should not only be trained for law school entrance exam, but also should be prepared to deal with the rigour and challenges which law school throws.

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