Ashwini Tallur


ashwini-tallurAshwini Tallur is a student pursuing her B.P.Sc.(Hons.) LL.B (International Trade and Investment Law Hons.) at National Law University Jodhpur. She has been involved with IDIA since 2013. She is currently the team leader for the IDIA Rajasthan Chapter. A strong believer in being the change one wants to see, her wish to study law and contribute to it comes from a need to overcome the inequities of society by enabling law to keep up with the modern fast paced society.

Having realised that merely learning the law and amending it is not enough, she joined IDIA, wishing to be a true “social engineer” not just in words but through actions. She is very passionate about her work and strongly believes in the cause. She loves singing, is an avid reader, writes occasionally and loves traveling.

Email: [email protected]

Teamleader: Rajasthan